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Technology: All dedicated to providing sustainable design-focused services for Business, Housing, Agriculture, Energy, Water, Health, and Recycling projects. Our Smart Living initiatives can help overcome the limitations of traditional urban development that tend to manage urban infrastructure systems in silos. Extraordinary projects deserve extraordinary work! …No matter the job, residential or commercial, we are confident we are the right team for you!…

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We at Aktiv8 Pro Corporation and our subsidiaries believe that the built environment is ultimately to shape an atmosphere for social beings. We respect the impact that one building has on its surroundings and actively include the broader community in every decision and action taken in the design process.

Origin8 Pro Builders would like to invite you to participate in the development of our communities. Please write to us to contribute feedback, comments, questions and support in our design process.

Sustainable Communities

Aktiv8 Pro Corporation formed iCRE8 and Origin8 Pro Builders as smart city and sustainable technology companies, with environmental and eco-friendly infrastructure processes in mind. Based in Canada, our company, along with our industry partners have created designs, green processes and construction methods based on new sustainable building materials and technologies. Designs for complete solutions to the world’s greatest longstanding issues are ready to be implemented globally. Origin8 Pro is focused on Residential and Commercial real estate development. iCRE8 delivers the integration of sustainable basics like Food, Water, Recycling and Energy.

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